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Professionals Definition and History

A professional is a person who is engaged or qualified in a profession, that is, a paid occupation that usually involves specialized training and a formal qualification.  Important features of typical professions include formal training schools at the university level as well as professional associations, codes of professional ethics, and, in some cases, licensing requirements.  As society and technology evolve over the course of time, new professions sometimes emerge while others decline.  The National Institute for Cybersecurity Education has produced a fascinating white paper entitled A Historical Review of How Occupations Become Professions.  In ancient Greece and Rome, accountants, architects, lawyers, and physicians were important professions; today, notable professions include accountants, architects, attorneys, dentists, engineers, physicians, and surveyors, while other occupations such as nursing, optometry, social work, and veterinary medicine are developing professions.
References to Professionals are found in the Old Testament and the New Testament of the Christian Bible.  For example, we read in 1 Chronicles chapter 27, verse 31, "All these were comptrollers of the substance which was king David's", in 1 Corinthians chapter 3, verse 10, "as a wise architect, I have laid the foundation", and in Titus chapter 3, verse 13, "Zenas the lawyer and Apollos set forward diligently on their way, that nothing may be lacking to them".