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Business Definition and History

Business is usually a for-profit activity that a person pursues as a regular occupation, profession, or trade.  However, business can also be a vocation that one feels called to pursue.  From early times, people have engaged in specialized forms of business such as farming, hunting, masonry, and carpentry, trading their businesses' products and services between each other.  By this means, people have been able to use their individual talents and skills more productively rather than trying to learn and perform all the tasks that are required to survive and earn a livelihood themselves.  As knowledge has increased and society has become more complex, businesses have specialized further, until today, thousands of business specialties exist, and millions of specialized businesses thrive.  The Internet has facilitated this specialization, enabling businesses with even narrow specialties to reach large audiences by means of websites that can easily be found via local search results and targeted, online advertising.
Interesting references to Business are found in Deuteronomy chapter 28, verse 8 of the Old Testament, which states, "Jehovah will command blessing on thee in thy granaries, and in all the business of thy hand", and in Acts chapter 6, verse 3 of the New Testament, which states, "Look out therefore, brethren, from among yourselves seven men, well reported of, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom, whom we will establish over this business".  Further elaboration of the topic of Business is available on this Business Information Guide.  Recent news headlines about business are available on this Business News page.